About This Website

I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and I wrote this website. Why? Because I wanted to stay sober. I wrote the code while working through some HTML tutorials online. I paid for the URL I found a host, I paid the hosting fees, and the site went online in late August of 2020.

This is not an official Broadview group website. To be official, it would have to comply with the A.A. Guideline MG-18, Internet. If I were to put a link to the guideline on this site, it would violate some of the rules of aa.org. Sorry about that! There would have to be a committee, which would have to meet, discuss, and agree on content. AND the group would have to pay the costs!

While I have tried to be truthful and accurate, it behooves me to clarify: the opinions expressed on broadviewaa.org are those of me, NOT Alcoholics Anonymous, NOT the Phoenix Club, NOT Greater Seattle Intergroup, and NOT the Broadview AA Groups. I have tried not to break anybody's anonymity.

If this website has helped anyone to find a meeting or stay sober or has helped anyone in any way, I give full credit to God.

If this website has done any harm to the unity of AA or has harmed any person or entity in any way, I take full responsibility.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed photographs and posters, made suggestions, or informed me of errors.

Peace in Recovery!

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